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FGO Sigurd Costume Armor

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Character: Sigurd

Including: 2 Shoulder Pads + Chest Armor + 2 Gauntlets + Gloves + Thigh Pads + Calf Armors

Size: Made to Order

Measurements needed:
1) Height
2) Weight
3) Shoulder Width
4) Forearm Length
5) Neck Circumference
6) Bust Circumference
7) Waist Circumference
8) Hip Circumference
9) Elbow Circumference
10) Wrist Circumference
11) Thigh Circumference
12) Knee Circumference
13) Calf circumference
14) Ankle circumference
15) Calf Length
16) Shoe Size
17) Gender

Material: The model is made of PVC and EVA

Handling Time: 20-50 Business days

Features: Props are specially designed for role-playing, decoration or collection, applicable to cosplay shooting, not sharp or dangerous.

We also provide the service to make the new props from pictures/design diagram that you provide, please contact us for more details.

Color: Black

Age Group: Teen (Grades 6-12) and Adult

Gender: Unisex